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About Us

Dita Racing Sdn Bhd (Top10Racing) is the official IPE F1 Exhaust Master Dealer in Malaysia. IPE Exhaust Valvetronic System has been getting rave reviews worldwide for its superb sound quality, excellent workmanship and performance. This Exhaust is getting extra popular each day. More and more articles are popping up online, describing and praising its features. Hundreds of satisfied customers spread the word on car forums and review websites about how they enjoy IPE Valvetronic Exhausts. Countless YouTube Videos are uploaded so that you can enjoy the pure power of sound this superb IPE F1 Exhaust makes.

IPE F1 Valvetronics Exhausts are made in Taiwan but it in no case makes them inferior to European or Japanese counterparts. Performance car tuning specialists worldwide recognize IPE F1 as the manufacturer of the highest quality exhausts. IPE F1 specifically caters for super cars and sports cars. It has quickly conquered the international market and now all the top brands of super cars are using Innotech IPE Exhaust. Top10Racing is proud to bring IPE F1 brand to all car enthusiasts in Malaysia. Now you have a way of upgrading the essential aspects of your car – performance and SOUND! If you own a super car or a sports car and wish to have a Formula 1 high pitch sound exhaust, IPE F1 Exhaust can become your secret weapon.

IPE F1 Exhaust is the exhaust you have been looking for! IPE F1 Exhaust Malaysia now available for Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, McLaren, Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Nissan R35, Porsche, Volkswagen and Ford.

Latest IPE Exhausts


McLaren 720S Spider / Coupé

The McLaren 720S Spider / Coupé is truly one of the greatest inventions from Great Britain. Each element of our exhaust system is designed to enable the best possible sound output, while offering everything you could wish for: comfort in the interior and fascinating sounds at every speed range.

Lamborghini Urus

IPE has developed a completely unique high performance exhaust system for the extraordinary Lamborghini Urus. Improving throttle response and reducing weight, our Lamborghini URUS Stainless Steel exhaust weight is with only 28.53 kg. That is a weight reduction 30.72% to the original weight of the stock exhaust with 33.17 kg: a weight saving of 4.64 kg!

Ferrari 812 Superfast

The Ferrari 812 Superfast V12 6.5 litre combined with an iPE system, excels in every imaginable aspect with extremely loud and aggressive high pitch like sounds for anyone behind the steering wheel who is searching for a spirited driving experience.

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